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About us

We are the third generation of farmers from South Oldenburg in the North of Germany, who are specialized in conventional animal breeding for the food industry. So far our focus was on breeding sows and pigs. Since we prefer relying rather on quality than on quantity in terms of our food production, we decided to built up the shrimp production as a new branch of our business.
Moreover, the market tends strongly towards the use of regional foods, because its high quality can easily be proven. This is definitely a development which the customers have noticed and actively supported. And finally another advantage: there is no need for processing.

Because we like eating seafood, and we occupy ourselves with this issue, we did not fail to notice that the natural rearing of shrimp is not really organic. In fact the biological standards correspond a lot more to our system of breeding pools. The controlled breeding, which is ensured by circulation systems, are a clear trend in the sector of premium food. All this is backed up through our shrimp farming.

Already for generations we have gained knowledge in the field of animal breeding for food production. While working with biotechnology we got the idea that such a breeding method would be just the right thing in this field - also because we strongly liked the idea of the closed circuits. This type of production ensures that tons of fuel won´t infect each kilo of shrimps and guarantees that the breeding in fact helps saving resources.

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