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Production: Manageable

The high quality of our shrimp is guaranteed by an ongoing review of our production basins. The animals are fed eight times a day and grow within 120 days to their sale size. To ensure this, both water and feed quality are checked regularly.

The shrimp are fed with special food pellets, which stains the water red. The water in our production pool is constantly 30 ° C warm, which supports the growth of the shrimp.

Special lamps provide the pool for a balanced day/night rhythm. For 10 hours a day they remain switched off, while the rest of the time they spend pleasant daylight.



Pure seawater

The water is constantly treated with the help of bacteria. These produce pure sea water, which is free of pesticides, antibiotics and algae. The bacteria provide a consistent water quality essential for the health of the shrimp. Less than 1 percent of the water must be changed daily.

The use of bacteria for the treatment of the water strictly prohibits the use of antibiotics in a closed circuit economy.