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Scherbring's Organic Shrimps – The concept

The Organic trend is accelerating. More and more consumers take a closer look before buying their food. Organic is a trend which can be found in all food categories. Long ago, the industry has stripped her exclusive granola image, catering mainly well-educated and wealthy buyers.

15 to 20 percent of the German population buy, according to the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (Association for Consumer Research, short: GfK) at least once a week, organic products. Steadily there are even more organic buyers who over the years buy consistently organic products.

Various food scandals have also created uncertainties among consumers and thereby contributed to the increased focus on organic products.

But with the rising popularity, the problems also increase - the German organic farmers are unable meet the growing demand for cultivation. The result: Many organic products are imported from abroad.



Organic from abroad?

 As a consequence the organic imports almost doubled within only three years. But is that really organic?

We are seafood lovers and want to know what we eat. Especially shrimp have often not only journeyed several thousand kilometers, until they end up on our plates, also its rearing is often very doubtful: Although produced in the wild, they are still far from bio (details can be found under the menu item "quality ").

We do not just like to eat fish, but are also experienced breeders for the food industry. Therefore, we decided to build a shrimp farm which really deserves the term "organic". The farm is build locally here in northern Germany, so that anyone interested can check its quality directly. For details, check here.